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These are some of my tried and true favorite devices that make the built environment significantly less challenging.

Trionic Veloped_edited.jpg

As mentioned in my blog post, Trionic walkers and rollators are the Volvos of the mobility device world.


If your insurance will pay for it or if you can find one used, Permobil is the safest, sturdiest, most reliable power chair on the market.


Sharp, sleek and ultralight, the Carbon Ultralight and the Overland are ideal for travel.


Years of searching for the ultralight portable ramp that I can carry on my chair and deploy myself has finally been rewarded.


Weighing in at 50 lbs., my Fold & Go has been on more airplanes than I can count.


Thanks to some help from Vocational Rehabilitation Services, I can now click open my home door with Open Sesame just like my car door.

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