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Accessible Travel Websites & Tourism Providers

- worldwide directory of accessible tourism providers

- John Morris' excellent accessible travel site. Sign up for the newsletter!

- U.S. accessible hotel booking site with accessible city guides

- accessibility guide to the UK and Ireland

- European accessible travel website

- travel agency certified for autism and accessible travel

- travel agency specializing in accessible tour booking

- sign up for their excellent weekly newsletter

- this links to their fantastic travel resources page, which includes medical equipment providers, wheelchair van rentals, accessible travel agents and more.

- comprehensive French wheelchair travel site

- powered by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), the industry leader in training and certification in autism and other cognitive disorders.

Accessible Travel Blogs

Smart Phone Apps


- find, add and share accessible toilets on the go (Europe)

WheelMate app

- find wheelchair-friendly restrooms and parking in 45 countries

Google maps

- shows wheelchair accessible public transport and routes for cities including London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney. Open a map, click "Transit", click "Options", under "Routes" click "Wheelchair accessible"

- shows sidewalk and route accessibility in various European cities

- shows wheelchair accessible places in various European cities

City transit apps

- start with your destination's tourism website. Search for accessibility information, which will necessarily include information about public and sometimes private (taxi) transportation and may even include an app that shows you wheelchair accessible routes and/or lowered-floor vehicles, and/or step-free access, such as these example from and Transport of London.


Uber Access

- Uber recently settled a major lawsuit that prohibits Uber drivers from charging extra for the time it takes people with mobility disabilities to load themselves and their equipment into vehicles. While it's not easy to find on their website, the link above describes Uber's various concessions to people with disabilities, including wheelchair accessible vehicles with ramps in several cities in the UK.

TSA, U.S. National Parks & Access Passes

The National Park Access Pass is available free for US citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities

The National Park Service also has an excellent, concise web page dedicated to disability laws and policies, especially as they concern access to national parks. a pass for disability accommodations at theme park and other attractions (mobility, vision, autism)


- The TSA website provides clear information about what to expect in terms of scrutiny, procedures and assistance at its security screening checkpoints. It also offers a fillable "disability notification card" form via the above website that you can present to screeners.

- TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process. TSA Cares

allows you to submit an online form requesting assistance at the TSA screening checkpoint at any U.S. airport. If the flight is within 72 hours, call (855) 787-2227 to request assistance.

- TSA Pre-Check is well worth paying the $70 to enroll in if you travel regularly. Wheelchair users' wheelchairs will still be examined and tested, but the wheelchair rider is spared the intrusive pat-down, shoe removal, etc.

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